Monday, March 12, 2007

Bluprinted Split Chassis

Well instead of talking about it and just looking at the pretty 3D views in the CAD programs, I finally pulled my finger out and commented the fifst view of the XBR chasssis for home use :)
This is the simplified version designed to made from either foam and wood or plastic molding, or even aluminum casting if you have the gear.

The dimensions and axel points will give you an idea on scale and ill try to see if i can get the image scaled to the right size for printing at a4 size. The idea is too create a basic shape and size constraint for the designers to work within and a simple uniform adaptor system for add on parts.
This simplifies design and build time as well as cost and tooling times for large run production.
The details for pin layout etc can be copy pasted from one cad file to the next resaulting in quick and easy redesign of the whole robot, as well as new parts being made that still fit everything you already have.
Backwards compatiablity is something that we want so parts dont become obsolete, rather just wear out from over use :)
thats enough rambling for now, later guys.
Simplified design of the last chassis shape

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