Thursday, March 22, 2007

Laminating 101

Here's a quick run down on the laminated pices, First we took five card sections and placed one on top of the other using a layer of contact adhesive between each one, make sure you dont stick it to the bench. Dont worry about the edges just make sure to get a good coating all over the face of the piece right up to the edge but not dripping over it or you will stick it to the press.
Now take the stack and place between two flat mdf or ply boards, place a heavy weight like some water bottles or bricks , around 5-10 kgs is fine depending on the firmness of the dard you use, on top of the pile and leave for around 10 mins , lift off the bricks and leave the board on top overnight to keep flat.
Now do this so you have 4 to six sections depending on how strong you want it to be, or even make up thicker ones with 10 or more layers. but watch the weight.
When its dry, trim the edges of the holes and sides and coat the inside of the corrugated card to reinforce it and help water proof the card, a final coat of glue over the whole pice then hung up to dry will make it last quite a while so your hard work dosent go down the drain.

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