Sunday, March 18, 2007

Today we re drew the basic plans on to thick card and cut out the first run templates for the mock up to be assembled this week. The templates are full scale not half as most of the earlier designs were ( this was to make it easier to design in a normal book, while still keeping it all to scale. The top image is the tools we used for this, A compass, some HB pencils sveral rulers of various lengths , and a digital caliper for taking fine measurments of parts we want to fit in later.
The second image is the cut out templates with a ruler for scale ( in inches ) these templates are all that is needed to draw out the parts needed for the robot, At this stage the hardest part is going to be the dome head, this may be revised from the first renders of the robot, And depending on how hard it is to replicate the dome we may release a diffrent head shape for the first run, but we really like this head.
The wheels are gooing to be a little bigger then first thought, but this increases ground clearance.
Later, hackers.

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