Thursday, March 8, 2007

Lower Chassis (cad-001a)

The lower chassis design while appearing to be simple actually will be the hardest to design.
This first concept is designed to give the developers a chance to see the problems faced with the two half construction technique we are employing for this part.
Vertical split cranckcases have been used for many years now, and as our intent is not to hold oil in, but to keep dirt out, we feel that this system will allow the right mix of modular design and easy assembly, while not sacrificing strength and should with the right gaskets be fairly water resistant as well.
This 3d view shows the need for more screw holes for the two halves as well as locater pins and more internal bracing to increase functionality and strength.
The curved ends allow the bot to navigate higher terrain then an un bevelled edge and makes the robot pleasing to look at.
Extra work yet has to done on the body location and support substructure, At the moment there is no way to secure the body without screwing it to the chassis. This ist an ideal solution so further dwvwlopment in this area is also foreseen.

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