Sunday, March 11, 2007

When the answer sneaks up and bite's you

Ive been knocking ideas around on the best way to join the head to the body, with out too much extra hardware and not much more tooling when the answer just sort of hit me, "you have already built the solution into the robot" , Yes the four sensor ports in the smaller ring could be used as the head attachment points as well.
So with out having to redisgn the body sections to accomadate the head, the issue has solved it's self, sometimes writing down a description of what your doing works,
I was writing a brief for the part on flickr when it hit me just looking at the ring section.
Score one to the subconcsious .
The wheels are going to get a slight redesign to make them easier to make at home, so less angled sides which are harder to mold.
Two heads will be designed as well , but I hope to develope a later more advanced head and sensor pod for future use ( but thats a long way off)
I hope to release the first prototype blue prints in the next month or so which will give you an idea on the size of the robot.

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