Sunday, March 11, 2007

Split chassis design #2a

The image shows the latest design step for the lower chassis, It features a simpler design that could be moulded in a single part mould , in plastic or aluminum casting.
The wheels that we have designed have holes in them that line up with the chassis screw holes, so the sidecovers can be removed from the robot with out undoing the wheels. The body can be used either as it is or with the body section in place by drilling some mounting holes in the chassis.
This is just one design that we are working on, with a second more developed chassis that would require a more complex multi part mold or milling is also in design.
The project is likely to spawn two projects, One would be a chassis for full run production, if we reach that stage with this design. And the second is an Open source design that can be used to make your own chassis for home use.
I suppose the main reason for doing this is to get peolpe thinking about the aesthics of robotics rather then just the function. So if your building a robot, at least try to add a body istead of just metal frames and screws.

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