Monday, March 26, 2007

XBR Mockup system placement test

Heres the first chassis halve with what we expect to house in each section, The cpu will be switchable from slave to master modes to allow the two halves to act as one. The power cell in here is too big and 12volt, we most likely will switch it out for a 9.6 v LIPO cell for remote control planes or cars. The regulator is adjustable to take various power input's and the motors could be switched out to 9 volt high performance units with better gearing from remote control cars.
The two servos on top are for the camera and end effector and a full chassis would have a total of 4 servo ports on the top if the user wanted them. T viper is placed down the side of the battery closest to the camera, you can see the serial port connector sticking out a little from the edge of the chassis ( lower center), The ai2 screen would fit out through the top plate to allow user control, or mounted inside for increased protection during outdoor missions.

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