Monday, March 5, 2007


Well S2c is about to move into the robot body making market with the design and research stage already under way with the aim of producing a low cost, plastic shell for deployment on a number of robot drive systems.
These shells will include the lower chassis with option's for motors and other systems to be added as we aquire more funds and resources.
The first run will likely include two gearhead motors and a simple control interface for some out of the box use, But will ultimately requirethe enduser to ad thier own control and brain systems to the robot, motor upgrades arent out of the question with blank shells also being available for purchase at a later date.
any ideas or feedbackcan be directed to the team at for further evaluation.
We hope to one day be able to provide full robotics systems to our customers not just bodies and shells, but for now we aim to provide a cost effective solution to upgrading your robot.

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